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Next Generation GFC Therapy



No Platelet loss | High concentration of Growth Factor | Naturally regenerates damaged tissue



Completely safe | Prepared from patient’s own blood | Contamination free



Single step closed system | Non pyrogenic | Zero RBCs and WBCs



Lunch time procedure | Easy, rapid and consistent GFC preparation

Ossinext GFC Therapy

  • Ossinext Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) Therapy is the Next Generation, non-surgical therapy to accelerate natural healing of osteoarthritic joints and tendinopathies.
  • It is a pure, safe, highly concentrated Growth Factor preparation engineered from patient’s own blood for faster & long lasting results.
  • GFC is injected into the site of pain, thus, delivering patient’s own Growth Factors with regenerative potential at high concentration to enhance natural healing & regeneration.

Benefits of Ossinext GFC Therapy


Non-Surgial Treatment


Improves Joint Functions


High Concentration of Patient's Own Growth Factors For Enhanced Benefits


Few/Monthly Sessions, No Daily Treatment


Reduces Pain


Improves Quality of Life

How Ossinext works?


Fibroblast Growth Factor leads to Proliferation and chemotaxis of fibroblasts, increased hyaluronic acid synthesis.


Platelet derived growth factor leads to collagen synthesis, enhanced proliferation of bone cells, chemotaxis of fibroblasts.


Transforming Growth Factor-β leads to fibroblast proliferation, synthesis of type I collagen, deposition of bone matrix.


 fibroblasts chemotaxis increased hyaluronic acid synthesis, enhanced bone formation.


Stromal-cell-derived Growth Factor-1-α supports primary adhesion and migration of progenitor cells.

Is Ossinext right for you?

Patient of knee osteoarthritis with:

  • Mild to moderate swelling around the joint
  • Limited range of motion of the joint
  • Pain while movement of the joint which gets worse especially towards the end of activity or end of day
  • X-rays cartilage loss is revealed by a narrowing of the space between the bones in the joint
  • Any other patient as per judgement of treating doctor


Other conditions: (as per judgement of treating doctor)

  • Hip and Ankle Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic Tendonitis/ Tendonitis in elbow, hip, knee, foot and ankle
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Acute ligament and muscle injuries in athletes

Steps to prepare Ossinext GFC

1. Blood Collection

Collect 4 ml of blood in each vacutainer provided in pack.

2. Platelet Activation

Gently invert the vacutainer 6 to 10 times and then keep it upright for 30 mins.

This allows Wockhardt’s proprietary chemical activator to activate the platelets.

3. GFC Separation

Counter balance the vacutainers and centrifuge the vacutainers at 3400rpm for 10 mins.

4. GFC Collection

Invert the vacutainer so the GFC can be collected at its cap through a needle.
For maximum recovery, insert the needle’s tip to enter beneath the cap.

5. GFC Injection

Pure, acellular, autologous growth factors are now ready to inject.

Colour range of final GFC output


Osteochondral defect – MRI Pre and Post

  • 50 year male, Osteochondral defect due to impact
  • Single application of GFC

What are the possible side effects of Ossinext?

Since Ossinext GFC Therapy is prepared from the patient’s own blood, it is safe and has no negative effect. Moreover, it is pure and it does not contain any RBCs or WBCs ( unwanted cells that are present in PRP). Therefore, the risk of pain and inflammation because of GFC itself is minimal. The reactions are generally injection-related & of mild to moderate impact. These usually resolve in a few days. Most of the patients tolerate GFC therapy very well.