Nowadays we hear many people complaining about hair fall and hair loss problems, but all people do is complain rather than find solutions to it. The problem they face can have various reasons for it. The quality of hair and the quality of life over the period of years has dynamically changed due to the lifestyles people lead. It can be noticed that the generations before us have a better quality of hair that is naturally smooth and great in volume, which is mainly because of the healthy lifestyle they used to lead.

Previously hair loss was a condition that used to affect people over 50, but now it also affects people in their 20s,30s and 40s.  Hair adds grace to the beauty of a person. Hair is the first thing that people notice when they see someone, and everyone desires to have hair that is worth the stare. But the dream of having the perfect hair is often interrupted by hair fall and hair loss. Hair fall and hair loss can occur due to genetic conditions, ageing, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, stress, excessive use of hair styling products, illnesses, medications and an unhealthy lifestyle. Looking at our Grandparents and the hair they have, we always ask them for the secret to their beautiful hair, and when they tell us about homemade remedies, ways of preventing hair loss and increasing the volume of hair, one must have noticed that the remedies include a lot of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients consist of nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the hair to grow and stay healthy. But at times hair fall and hair loss require a bit more than just homemade remedies, that is medical attention.

Statistics show that 59% of the Alopecia patient population is undiagnosed. People neglect hair health and they might not even be aware if they are suffering from alopecia or any other hair loss disease. In order to make people aware of hair fall and hair loss diseases and hair loss treatments, August is observed as Hair Loss Awareness Month and September is observed as Alopecia Awareness Month. We at Wockhardt are conducting Folliclinics which aims to create awareness and provide hair analysis to check hair loss status, scalp status, hair density, hair thickness, hair pore and keratin of the scalp. Post the analysis, an electronic report is generated that is shared with the doctor and they recommend appropriate treatments.

Due to the advancements in the field of medical science and technology, it is possible to treat hair loss. The scientist at Wockhardt’s Regenerative Division after years of research have successfully developed the ground-breaking hair loss treatment, known as Follirich GFC Therapy, that has proven to be highly efficient, safe, convenient and it delivers quality results without the risk of complications and infections. Follirich GFC Therapy is a scientific, safe and hassle-free treatment which makes use of growth factors stored in blood platelets to treat hair fall and hair loss. Wockhardt has conducted around 100 Folliclinics and analysed the hair of approximately 3000 patients. Wockhardt with its Folliclinics is adamant to bring change to the world by creating awareness about Alopecia and other hair loss diseases and treatments that are available for the same.

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