As the years have passed by we have seen dynamic changes occurring in human lives, we’ve seen humans evolve each day for the better. A majority of the human population works from the desk today, and when they sit for long hours in incorrect positions while working, it leads to pain in the back. Orthopaedic conditions are caused due to wear and tear that occurs due to age, especially spine and joint problems. Lower back pain is the most common cause that leads to orthopaedic conditions. 

The other major reason that leads to orthopaedic conditions is overuse and repetitive motions of muscles and joints. This is mainly seen in athletes, they overuse their muscles, pushing them to the limit, and after a point of time, it leads to orthopaedic conditions. Various orthopaedic conditions can be related to different sports, like tennis elbow is associated with tennis and cricket, as athletes who play this sport often fall prey to tennis elbow because of repetitive motions of the wrist and arms, the tendons of the elbow get overloaded. Foot injuries, ankle injuries, knee injuries, and hip & thigh injuries are related to various sports like basketball, volleyball, badminton, kabaddi and many more, due to immense pressure applied on the feet, ankles, and the knees, it leads to wear and tear of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Many times physical accidents are also a major cause of orthopaedic conditions. The human body is definitely a marvelous creation and it is a miracle how it repairs itself, but at certain times when the damage is critical, medical intervention is a necessity.

Orthopaedics is the field of medicine that specializes in treating the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. Orthopaedic treatments include surgical as well as non-surgical treatments. The surgical treatments include ACL reconstruction surgery, knee replacement surgery, shoulder replacement surgery, spinal surgeries, bone surgeries and many more. The non-surgical orthopaedic treatments include fluid drainage, steroid injections, ultrasound-guided injections, joint manipulation, joint distention, physical therapy, minimally invasive procedures, and topical & oral medications. As we know surgeries are associated with risks of complications and infections, the field of orthopaedics has been working consistently on developing non-surgical orthopaedic treatments that can effectively treat the patients without them having to go through surgery.

Wockhardt’s Regenerative Division has successfully developed the latest non-surgical orthopaedic treatment, known as the Ossinext GFC Therapy, that accelerates the natural healing of osteoarthritic joints and tendinopathies. Ossinext is one of the most efficient minimally invasive non-surgical procedures, which is highly safe and convenient and has no chances of infection, it helps reduce pain and improves the functions of the joints and the quality of life of the patients. 

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