Over the period of time, the world has been evolving and there is a lot that humankind has faced. Every time humans face a problem, they innovate solutions to overcome them, and that is what we do at Wockhardt. We at Wockhardt, aim at creating innovative solutions that focus on providing affordable and high-quality medicines and next-generation technology for medical treatment to improve the quality of life of humankind.

We at Wockhardt have taken an initiative, where we are treating and healing many untreatable diseases with the help of regenerative medicine. Regenerative Medicine is the process of replacing or ‘regenerating’ human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function that is lost due to aging, disease, damage or defects. Regenerative Medicine repairs damaged cells, tissues or organs in the body by replacing damaged tissue or by stimulating the body’s own repair mechanism to heal cells, tissues or organs. The Principles of Regenerative Medicine can be theoretically applied to any cell type in the body, and it holds the potential to treat and heal most illnesses, conditions and diseases. It can be used to grow or repair organs in the context of physical injury or aging.

Various types of regenerative medicine are aimed at resolving the different kinds of problems faced by patients. The spectrum of regenerative medicine includes various types of treatments and therapies like Stem-Cell Treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy), Prolotherapy, Lipogems Treatment, Immunomodulation Therapy, Tissue Engineering, etc. All these therapies and treatments are different from one another in terms of their implementation and techniques used. Stem-Cell Treatment uses stem cells, which are cells that create other cells, to repair worn and damaged tissues. This treatment is majorly used in the orthopaedic sphere, as it has successfully repaired ligaments, tendons and bone degradations. All these therapies and treatments are complex procedures, requiring more sessions, with the risk of pain and infection, and results take longer.

GFC Therapy is the Next-Generation Therapy, that is researched and developed by Wockhardt’s Regenerative Division, which is efficient, safe and convenient, and it is India’s 1st Autologous Ready-To-Inject Therapy kit. GFC Therapy is efficient and safe because it is prepared from the patient’s own blood and is contamination-free and there is no platelet loss and it naturally regenerates the damaged tissues. GFC Therapy is the finest therapeutic treatment for Hair Loss, Skin Care and Orthopaedic Conditions.

Follirich GFC Therapy is a ground-breaking hair loss treatment to enhance hair growth and improve the recovery and results of hair transplant surgery. Follirich GFC Therapy rejuvenates hair follicles, stimulates hair growth, strengthens the hair shaft, reduces hair fall, improves hair thickness and increases volume. Yuskin GFC Therapy is the ultimate biological skin rejuvenation therapy that provides overall rejuvenation and revitalisation by restoring the quality of the skin and repairing wrinkles, scarring, crepiness and hyperpigmentation. Yuskin GFC Therapy renews skin texture, enhances skin tightening and reduces wrinkles, repairs scarring, lightens skin and restores elasticity.

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